2024 Trends Look Book

2024 Trends Look Book

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A bride holding a large, asymmetrical wedding bouquet, offering inspiration with its rich variety of flowers including deep red dahlias, pale pink orchids, white roses, and accents of purple and green foliage.
A hand holding a serenity cage with a single branch of green leaves, a step-by-step guide to building a lush, organic bouquet, adjacent to a full, hand-held bridal bouquet of pale pink roses, purple accents, and assorted greenery.

A grand bouquet of pale roses and greenery held by a bride against her white gown, contrasted with a more extravagant bridal bouquet featuring vibrant pinks and lush foliage, both symbolizing love and celebration.
A grand bouquet of pale roses and greenery held by a bride against her white gown, contrasted with a more extravagant bridal bouquet featuring vibrant pinks and lush foliage, both symbolizing love and celebration.


A bright and airy dining setting highlighted by low, sprawling floral arrangements featuring blush and white blooms, creating a sense of romance and sophistication for a special event.


A classic white holly chapple urn centerpiece on a golden table filled with soft peach roses, delicate pink blooms, and touches of greenery, flanked by elegant armchairs, presenting an image of timeless elegance.


A lavish garden-style centerpiece in a silver urn filled with shades of purple and orange florals, paired with a simpler arrangement in a textured white vase, both exuding a romantic and fresh garden vibe.


A vibrant series of floral centerpieces spanning a white banquet table, each section bursting with colorful flowers from yellow to pink to red, creating a lively and enchanting floral runway.


An outdoor tablescape featuring a low, lush centerpiece with white and peach roses, complemented by tall beige candles, set against a garden backdrop, blending rustic charm with classic elegance.


A luxurious floral arrangement encircling a golden champagne bucket with a bottle, accompanied by golden candlesticks and clear wine glasses, set against a gray wooden table, epitomizing sophistication and celebration.


A tall, slender glass vase on a white draped table holding an artistic arrangement of peach roses, burgundy foliage, and whimsical curly willow, creating an elegant and modern floral display.


A vivid display at a celebratory event with a citrus and floral table centerpiece bursting with color, and a sophisticated graduation celebration setup marked by an elegant sign surrounded by tall grasses and warm-hued blooms.


A vibrant contrast of floral arrangements; one featuring a large, colorful bouquet in a white vase set on a wooden pedestal, and the other a delicate, trailing composition along a wooden staircase banister.


A series of floral arrangements showcasing versatility in event design; a piano covered in a cascade of pink and white flowers, a fireplace with subtle floral touches, and a tent entrance with delicate roses enhancing the outdoor elegance.


Two floral installations offering inspiration; one is a full, colorful round arch in a lush garden setting, and the other, a more avant-garde arrangement of flowers bending around a arch on a cobblestone path.


A rustic barn wedding ambiance highlighted by a suspended wooden beam adorned with lush greenery and white florals, complemented by Edison bulb lights, adding a romantic glow to the rural setting.


A sophisticated wedding head table with cascading greenery and white blooms under a large window, creating an air of elegance and serenity for a garden-inspired indoor reception.


A bold, asymmetrical floral archway at an outdoor wedding venue, with dark green foliage and bursts of peach and cream flowers, creating an inviting and romantic entrance against a historic stone wall backdrop.



Two distinctive floral arches set over dining tables; one in a bright conservatory with a naturalistic, overgrown feel, and the other outdoors with a simple wooden pergola draped in delicate white blossoms and green vines.


An elegant outdoor wedding table setting featuring a floral centerpiece with vibrant pink roses and complementary pastel flowers, framed by a minimalist gold structure adorned with greenery and blooms, evoking a chic and romantic atmosphere.


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