3 alternate uses for large terrariums

3 Alternative Uses for Large Terrarium Containers

While we love a terrarium filled with dainty ferns, chic air plants or lush succulents, we also know there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to uses for large terrarium containers. A classic glass terrarium can be a very versatile vessel for any number of purposes—you just have to get creative with it! Here are three of our favorite alternative uses for large terrarium containers:

  1. Storage

large terrarium for storage

Organization fanatics, rejoice! Large terrarium containers will quickly become your go-to organization tool once you realize all the ways they can be used for storage throughout the home. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • In the kitchen and pantry, you can use terrarium containers for a classy way to store your dry goods, such as flour, sugar, cereal, oats, rice, grains, pasta and more. Our Cylinder Terrarium with Lid is perfect for kitchen storage because it comes in three sizes to accommodate any amount of dry goods. Using terrariums for kitchen storage is especially great if you have glass cabinet doors or open shelves and you want to avoid displaying unsightly packaging.
  • You can also use large terrarium containers in the kitchen to display your baked goods on the counter or tabletop. Our Glass Cloche terrarium is perfect for pastry displays with its removable domed bell lid. Just lift off the lid and grab your muffin, macaron or chocolate chip cookie!
  • In the bathroom, use large terrarium containers for storage of beauty and health items, like cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton rounds, hair ties, bobby pins, nail polish, bars of soap and more. When you store these items in nice glass containers, they immediately become pretty enough to display on your countertop or on a shelf.
  • In the laundry room, large terrarium containers are perfect for storing powder detergents, laundry pods and clothespins. Just be sure to keep the containers with laundry detergent out of reach of children! You can also keep an empty terrarium container next to your washing machine to be a catchall for items you find in pockets—like change, receipts and lip balms.
  • If you love crafting, then chances are you have lots of bits and bobs—beads, pom poms, washi tape, shells, etc.—tucked away for future projects. Large terrarium containers are perfect for storing crafting supplies because they help you stay organized while allowing you to see at a glance what’s inside each container.
  1. Candy buffet display

Sweets display in large terrarium

If you’re putting together a candy buffet for a party or wedding, then large terrarium containers are exactly what you need for displaying your colorful candy. Get a variety of terrariums in a range of shapes, sizes and heights, some with and without lids, to create more visual interest on your candy buffet table. Once you gather your collection of large terrarium containers, you can use them year after year for every party you throw—just change up the candy color to complement the occasion!

  1. Seasonal vignette

seasonal large terrarium

Do you like to mix up your home décor seasonally? If yes, then consider getting a large terrarium container to restyle each season. Here are some ideas for each season to get you started:

  • Spring—Put stones, tulip bulbs and water in the bottom and watch them bloom.
  • Summer—Add sand, seashells and a white pillar candle for a beachy vibe.
  • Fall—Fill with faux leaves and arrange dried twigs for a seasonal touch.
  • Winter—Fill with ball ornaments and fairy lights for a bit of holiday cheer.

Are you inspired to find more ways to use terrariums? Check out our post, 7 Terrarium Ideas that Don’t Require Plants.

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