3 of the Best Succulents for Hanging Terrariums

3 of the Best Succulents for Hanging Terrariums

So, you found the perfect hanging terrarium for your space, and now you’re ready to get your hands dirty in the soil and plant a colorful, lush and funky succulent. We understand your excitement to get your hanging terrarium created and installed in your home! But before you rush out to the garden store and snatch up the first succulent that catches your fancy, it’s important to first do a little research.

best succulents for hanging terrariums

You see, tiny terrariums provide a unique habitat that’s ideal for certain species of succulents—but not others. Here are a couple things to consider about hanging terrariums:

  • Sunlight requirements: Hanging terrariums feature glass walls, which magnify sunlight. While some succulents will love and thrive in the intense light of a glass terrarium, others that prefer indirect or shady sunlight will get scorched under the glass walls.
  • Size: Hanging terrariums tend to be petite, typically measuring around 4 inches to 12 inches. There are many species of small succulents that will be cozy in a small home. However, there are other species that can grow very tall and wide, quickly outgrowing a terrarium home.

hanging terrarium succulents

With these sunlight and size requirements in mind, here are three of the best succulents for growing in hanging terrariums:

  1. Pincushion cactus

The spikey, sunlight-loving pincushion cactus is an ideal choice for these terrariums. It’s a slow-growing round plant with spines—that’ll getcha if you’re not careful! The pincushion cactus typically grows to about 6 inches tall and wide, making it a perfect plant for a small space. The pincushion cactus doesn’t need much water. You can water it about once every two to three weeks, but if in doubt, it’s usually best to water too little. It often flowers indoors with bright and beautiful blooms, which will add a pop of color to your home décor.

  1. Aloe aristate

There are many varieties of aloe plants, some of which can grow up to 4 feet tall! But the aloe aristata is a petite variety that maxes out at only about 6 inches tall, making it perfect for small terrariums. This little aloe plant is also known as lace aloe thanks to its delightful green leaves with intricate white spots. It loves bright sunlight and dry, well-draining gritty soil.

  1. String of pearls

String of pearls is an easy-to-care for succulent houseplant with an interesting texture. It has trailing stems of beads that will cascade out of hanging terrariums, adding height and drama to your home décor. The string of pearls is a sun-loving succulent that only needs occasional watering. Once your string of pearls grows too long, you can propagate your plant by trimming off the ends and planting the stems you cut into a new pot. Before you know it, you’ll have several string of pearl plants to enjoy around your home—and to share with friends!

These three succulents are a great place to start as you search for the perfect plants for your hanging terrariums. For more plant ideas, check out our article, 9 Best Succulents for Your Terrarium.

two hanging terrariums with succulents

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