3 Tips for Growing Succulents in Terrariums

3 Tips for Growing Succulents in Terrariums

If you love the terrarium trend and are thinking of purchasing one or two, but are worried you won’t be able to keep plants alive, you’re not alone! There are quite a few things you'll need to know before starting a terrarium, such as the proper techniques to growing succulents.  While some plants are high maintenance in nature, others do not require that much time and attention at all.

So, if you’re a first time plant owner or you’re a serial plant killer, then read on to find out the proper techniques on growing succulents.

Growing Succulents: Round Terrarium

What is a succulent, you ask? Well, a succulent is the name given to a vast group of drought-resistant plants. They are usually fleshy in appearance due to the water stored in their leaves and stems. Coming in many varying shapes and sizes, succulents are grown as ornamental plants, inside terrariums , for their unique and interesting look. 

Succulents thrive in an open terrarium, especially if they are positioned in a sunny spot. Terrariums are incredibly easy to make with just a few basic supplies. To create a trendy little home for your succulents, you’ll need terrarium soil, some terrarium moss, terrarium hydrostones and these cute terrarium tools.

Growing Succulents: Succulents for Terrariums

3 Tips for Growing Succulents in Terrariums:

#1 Soil

Soil is of utmost importance when it comes to growing succulents. Succulents planted in terrariums need well-draining soil. Sprinkle succulent potting mix, which usually consists of potting mix, sand and perlite throughout the terrarium. Our terrarium soil will do just the trick.

Growing succulents need a terrarium container with good drainage. You can choose one with drainage holes, so excess water can escape, or you can choose a container without drainage holes, like a terrarium. If you go for the option without drainage holes, you will need a thick layer of stones on the base. This way, excess water will pool in the stones and not affect the plant.

Growing Succulents: Terrarium Tools


#2 Water

The key to happy growing succulents is the amount of water you give them. Contrary to popular belief, succulents do need some water. However, you will want to be careful not to overwater them. The key is to wait until the soil dries out before giving the plant another dose of H2O. If you have drainage holes in your terrarium or pot, it’s safe to give the succulent a good drink, as the excess water will drain out. If you place a saucer or “drip tray” under the container with holes, water pools in the bottom. For terrariums with stone drainage, just give a good splash of water every day or so, to avoid overwatering.


#3 Sun

Growing succulents need sun, and lots of it! Try positioning them in the sunniest spots around your house to ensure they stay alive and well. Sun rooms and living room window sills make great homes for terrariums filled with succulents. If your house is lacking in the “sunny spot” department, no need to worry, succulents are pretty low maintenance and can live on as much sun as you can give them. Not to mention, terrariums function as a sun magnifier increasing the amount of sunlight your growing succulents may receive.

Growing Succulents: Succulents in Terrarium

As long as you follow these three succulent care tips, your growing succulents will be happy, look amazing and live a long life in their terrarium. Happy planting! Check out our succulent care accessories to get started!
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