3 Ways To DIY Milk Glass Vases

3 Ways To DIY Milk Glass Vases

Milk glass vases are all over the DIY world right now. Made from a porcelain-like white material, it’s easy to see why these decor pieces are so popular. Complementing almost any decor style, they add a real vintage lift to any living space without being too dramatic.

DIY Milk Glass Vase


Traditional milk glass is made by adding special ingredients to the glass before it’s blown or pressed. The result is the glass has a milky white color, hence the name milk glass. Buying these traditional items can be a little on the expensive side. Luckily, there are other, more thrifty ways of creating your own milk glass.


Making a milk glass vase is surprisingly easy. There are only a few materials required: a variety of glass vases or bottles and spray paint, usually in white. Our Apothecary Bottle is a great choice for a milk glass vase DIY project.


Here are three methods we have identified for creating your own DIY milk glass vases:


Method #1 – Paint the Interior

Painting the inside of the vase creates the best result in our opinion. This method allows all painting mishaps to be conveniently hidden inside the vase and the outside layer of glass gives off an authentic milk glass feel.


Use a plastic bag to cover the entire outside of the vase, using tape to secure in place. Leave the inside of the vase exposed. Thinly spray white spray paint on the interior, being careful not to be too heavy handed. You’re better off to do a few light coatings than one heavy one. Wait until the paint is completely dry and then put on display!

Method #2 – Paint the Exterior

This is similar to method one, but in this case, you paint the outside of the vase instead. This is a great option if you desire a matte finish on your milk glass vase.


To achieve this look, apply many light layers of spray paint on the exterior.  Applying light layers helps avoid the paint from dripping and helps ensure a smooth finish. Take your time with this process and allow the paint to dry in between layers. A narrow-necked bottle would be perfect for this method, something like this Apothecary Bottle with Cork.

Milk Glass Mason Jars


Method #3 – Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

The last method to create a milk glass vase is called “Hobnail”. Hobnail is the term given to milk glass items that have little bumps all over them, giving a uniformly textured appearance.

To recreate this look, use puffy paint, otherwise known as dimensional craft paint. Dab this textured paint all over the vase. As it dries, it will expand to create the desired bumps. Once dried, you can paint the entire vase with white spray paint.

The resulting effect is a real standout.

Hobnail Milk Glass Vase

Milk glass vases add a stylish touch to any home and with these three DIY methods, you’re sure to have your own milk glass vases on display in no time! The bonus is that you won’t break the bank or have to scour antique shops. Happy crafting!

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