3 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Jar Vases

3 Ways to Upcycle Vintage Jar Vases

Most people have jars and vases laying around their house collecting dust because they don’t know what to do with them. Instead of collecting your glassware in your kitchen cupboard, why not get crafty and bring them back to life. We are here to inspire you with 3 crafty ways to upcycle your vintage jar vases into new creations for your home.

1. Lace

If you are feeling bored with your plain vases, why not add some vintage charm to them by adding a beautiful piece of lace around them. If you don’t consider yourself to be the crafty kind, you can have a look at the gorgeous Vintage Apothecary Jar Vase available in our store that already comes with a removable lace sleeve. Once you have brought some charm to your vases you can use them for fresh cut flowers or add a candle to the vase for a gorgeous evening glow in your home. These vases are beautiful enough to add to your bathroom to hold your essentials or your bedroom filled with your makeup brushes. If you have a vintage inspired kitchen, a small lace vase looks super cute as a teaspoon holder.

Vintage Jar Vase with Hanger

2. Paint

There are many online tutorials on how to paint your old jars to make them look like Vintage jars. This is an easy project that takes a bit of chalk paint and some sand paper. If you have a hanging vase or jar this is a nice way to add some color to it and makes it perfect for hanging on your porch with candles in or seasonal flowers. If you are looking for a Vintage Jar Vase with Hanger, you can find one in our store. Our vases come in a variety of colors for those of you who don’t want the fuss of painting but love the idea of colourful vases. The wire hanger adds a vintage touch to these vases even if you aren’t hanging them. 

3. Lights

A new, unique trend is to turn jars into unique lights. Whether you want to paint your jar vases, wrap them in lace or leave them clear, you can create beautiful one of a kind lights by placing the jars or vases over light bulbs. You can use your Vintage jar vases hanging from the ceiling or from a rustic piece of wood with bulbs inside, or you can have them standing on your tables with bulbs inside to use as a creative Vintage lamp.

Hydrangea in Vintage Jar Vase

The crafting possibilities with Vintage Jar Vases are only limited to your imagination.

Now that you are ready to get crafty, get your Vintage jar vases here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/vases/products/vintage-jar-with-hanger

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