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5 Amazing DIY Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jars are probably one of the most versatile craft supplies in any crafter’s cupboard. We always have a few on hand, ready to be pulled out and turned into whatever anyone around the office comes up with. From gifts to decorations to something entirely new somebody dreamt up on Pinterest, mason jar crafts are our go-to for gifts and decor.

The humble mason jar can be turned into and used for just about anything including gifts, interior lighting, wedding decorations and much more than we could ever mention. With all of these options, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide what project to tackle first. To help with this craft overload, we have compiled a list of our top five favorite mason jar craft projects of all time.

5 Mason Jar Craft Projects

#1: The Vase

Our absolute favorite mason jar craft idea is the mason jar vase that is simply decorated and casually filled with fresh flowers. This simple craft adds a rustic and whimsical flair to weddings, parties, as well as many other occasions. Achieving this look can be done in a few simple steps.

All you need is a mason jar or a few to create a grouping, a mixture of flowers and add-on’s to decorate the jars with like twine, burlap or lace. Check out the example in this photo, where we’ve casually wrapped the jar with hessian, and fixed it in place with twine.

After decorating the jars, start arranging flowers of your choice. The goal is to create a natural look, so the key here is to not over arrange. Let the flowers fall naturally for that avant-garde look.

purple vintage mason jar with hanger

#2: The Candle Holder

The second spot on our list of mason jar crafts goes to the mason jar candle holder. These candle holders can be crafted quickly, ideal for celebrations needing a little extra DIY touch.

Required materials: sand for the bottom of the jar, a tea light candle, and optionally, twine or ribbon to decorate the outside of the jar.

We love seeing mason jar candles hanging from trees or lining a pathway leading up to a party or event.  To be able to hang the candle holder, you need to secure twine or wire around the neck of the jar and loop over the top to form a handle. Alternatively, you could purchase a jar with a handle already attached, like these Vintage Jardin Jars with Removable Hangers.

#3: The Succulent Planter

Succulent planters are one of those modern, bohemian home décor ideas we absolutely love. To get your mason jar ready for planting, you will need to place a thick layer of stones in the bottom for drainage. Next, layer with succulent soil and more stones for visual effect. Alternate soil, stones and moss to give a layered appearance. Make sure the top layer is soil and then gently plant your succulent. Water your new little plant and you’re all done!

mason jars used as succulent planters

#4: The Gift

One of our favorite mason jar craft ideas is creating little gifts for friends and family. Try adding baking ingredients, sweet treats, cosmetics, preserves, plants, flowers or seeds to craft the perfect gift for a neighbor, a family member or coworker. Once you have experienced how easy it is to give a mason jar as a thoughtful, personalized gift, there really is no going back!

#5: The Hanging Vase

Lastly, the hanging vase makes a unique gift for loved ones.  This is similar to #1, but we think the hanging vase deserves a special mention.

The hanging vase takes the concept of a vase to a whole new level, literally! To achieve this, attach a handle to the mason jar, something like rope, twine or leather will do, fill with flowers and hang from a special spot.

If that all sounds a bit daunting, these Vintage Jardin Jars with Removable Hangers will come to the rescue again! They come complete with their own hanger that can be removed when not needed and are available in candy colored shades of blue, purple and green.  vintage green mason jar filled with flowers hanging from hookIf you’ve got the mason jar craft bug after reading this and want to find out more about making these projects and other projects, Pinterest and Craftgawker are great places to continue your search. Thousands of people have shared their most creative mason jar craft projects, great for further inspiration.

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