5 Ways to Bring the Outside in with Geometric Terrariums

5 Ways to Bring the Outside in with Geometric Terrariums

As the days become shorter and the temperatures get chillier, do you find yourself dreaming of warmer days and sunshine?

fall terrariums

The colder months can drag by for those of us who love spending warm days in our yards and gardens, getting our hands dirty in the soil and tending to our plants. Luckily, there are many ways to bring the outdoors in during winter with help from the geometric terrarium.

Whether you use a geometric terrarium as a coffee table centerpiece—or hang a cluster in a sunny window—these versatile décor pieces are perfect for adding a little green to your home during the cold months. Here are five ways to bring the outside in with geometric terrariums.

  1. Succulent desert landscape

Few plants will remind you of warmer days more than heat-loving succulents. To create a miniature succulent desert landscape, first choose a terrarium, such as our Dodecahedron Geometric Hanging Terrarium.

geometric terrarium for fall

Next, choose your succulents! Selecting lush succulents in bright and fun hues, such as purple, red and green, will help add even more warmth to your home. After you plant your succulents, it’s time to add embellishments that will help you get the desert landscape look.

A thin layer of white pebbles and some interesting rocks, such as rose quartz, will help create a desert landscape. This geometric terrarium idea would be perfect for a coffee table centerpiece.

  1. Hanging air plants

For a simple, low-maintenance way to bring the outdoors in, consider displaying a cluster of hanging geometric terrariums featuring a variety of air plants. Because air plants don’t need soil to grow, you can get creative with ways to display them. Consider filling the base of each terrarium with colorful sand or aquarium gravel before placing an air plant in each terrarium.

Hang your brightly colored air plant terrariums in a sunny spot for an instant boost of warmth in your home. (Love this hanging terrarium idea? Check out this post: 8 Hanging Geometric Terrarium Décor Ideas.)

  1. Preserved leaves

For an elegant and elevated way to bring the outdoors in, add some preserved leaves to your home! Spring and summer leaves that have been preserved will maintain their green without being in water or needing sun—reminding you of warmer days each time you see them.

You can preserve your own leaves using these instructions, or purchase them from specialty retailers or Etsy. Once you have your preserved leaves of choice, place them in a geometric terrarium, such as our Cube Geometric Hanging Terrarium, and hang anywhere in your home.

cube geometric terrarium for fall

  1. Winter-blooming terrarium

Spring may be months away, but you can dream about it each time you look at your terrarium featuring blooming flowers. To create a winter-blooming terrarium, research fairy garden plants that bloom in the winter. Serissa foetida varigata (Tree of a Thousand Stars) and Maxillaria tenuifolia (Coconut Orchid) are two examples.

Plant your winter bloomers in your geometric terrarium and add some other springy fairy garden accessories—such as tiny mushrooms, a watering can and small animals.

  1. Fresh flowers

If you find yourself changing up your décor as often as you change your clothes, then consider using a terrarium to display a weekly bouquet of flowers. Grab a new bouquet from the grocery store each week and arrange the blooms in your geometric terrarium. Once you notice bulb flowers, such as daffodils and tulips, appearing at the store—you know warmer days are just around the corner.

fresh flowers terrarium

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