Brush Up On The Latest Flower Arranging Tips And Trends

Brush Up On The Latest Flower Arranging Tips And Trends

Like clothing and home design fashions, floral arrangement styles evolve over time. To keep your designs fresh and current, you must keep up with the fads. So what looks are “in” now, and what kind of vases should you put your flowers in? The next time you need inspiration, try these on-trend flower-arranging tips and ideas. 

Embrace Soothing Colors

Bouquet of pale pink flowers in a clear vase on a stack of books
Use pastel color palettes in flower arrangements for beauty and serenity.

Bright colors have their place, but soft colors are having a moment now. With so much emphasis on self-care and well-being, it’s no wonder florists are looking at how flowers can make us feel. Blossoms in pastel colors can have a calming effect. Follow this flower-arranging trend with muted shades of pink, purple, cream, blue, and peach. Put them in clear or neutral-colored vases to let the flowers shine without overstimulating the senses.

Celebrate Diversity With Eclectic Flower Mixes

Eclectic array of blooms held by a florist designer

Mix it up with a wide variety of vibrant florals.

Flower-arranging pros are mixing things up–literally. Creating bouquets and arrangements with an eclectic array of blooms is trending. Play with different flower shapes and contrasting colors to make a bold statement and celebrate diverse plant species. Don’t worry about symmetry. A wild, asymmetrical shape gives interest. Try this look when you have leftover flowers or want something unexpected. 

Think Outside The Glass Vase

Pink orchids in a terrarium

Make your flower arrangements stand out with non-traditional containers like a trendy terrarium.

It seems anything goes when it comes to flower containers these days. Glass vases and compotes are still here, but people are using other materials and shapes too. Try flowers in a ceramic vase in a contrasting color or a geometric terrarium. Or go green and up-cycle unique containers for holding flowers. Then replace floral foam with reusable flower arranging mechanics.  

Pick Colors That Follow Home Design Trends

 A bouquet of magenta and purple flowers in a magenta glass vase
Build flower arrangement color palettes around the "color of the year" to stay on-trend.

Home decorators love flowers, so make it easy to find an arrangement that fits their vision. Study each “color of the year” from major brands to create new flower arranging palettes. Choose flowers that match those colors (like Pantone’s 2023 “Vivagenta”) or ones that will coordinate with them. The latest movement from farmhouse neutrals to bold colors and earthy tones offers plenty of inspiration. 

It’s important to note the color of the year choices inspire other types of fashion, so don’t hold back in using them for event and wedding floral designs

Create Photo-worthy Floral Wedding Backdrops

A large floral wedding arch in front of a fireplace for a wedding.

Give wedding clients a stunning backdrop for photos with a dramatic floral arch.

Every engaged couple wants swoon-worthy wedding photos, and now they’re asking their florists to provide the perfect backdrop. Wedding floral arrangements aren’t new, but more and more couples are asking for dramatic floral backgrounds, aisle decor, and ceremony arches where they can capture stunning shots. 

Here are a few flower-arranging tips to help you follow emerging wedding trends:

  • Use several colors of the same flower variety
  • Choose unique vases for centerpieces
  • Use less greenery in bouquets and arrangements
  • Incorporate masses of baby’s breath and similar frothy-looking flowers

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