A bouquet of peach-colored flowers in a large clear glass vase

Eye-catching Vase Designs For Your Flower Arrangements

You know how to artfully place flowers to get the look you want, but your arrangement won’t be
complete without the proper container. The right vase can enhance your arrangement and turn it
into a work of art. If you’ve been in a rut of using the same kind of vase or are always looking for
new trends, here are some stunning vase design ideas to consider for your next floral display.

Add Contemporary Flair with a Geometric Vase Design

A colorful flower arrangement in a clear glass prism vase

A stylish prism vase makes any floral arrangement look on-trend.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box is overrated. Since most vases are round, a cube, pyramid, or prism vase can really stand out. These geometric shapes have proven an enduring trend. Their straight, symmetrical lines and flat facets can give any floral arrangement a modern look. Geometric glass vases can reflect the light in an interesting way to add beauty to your display. If you feel the flower stems look odd behind clear glass facets, opt for an opaque geometric ceramic vase.

Geometric vases lend themselves to many different aesthetics. Try a monochromatic flower palette in a cube vase for a minimalist look. A single long-stemmed flower with some greenery in a tall pyramid vase looks elegant. Fill a prism vase with an effusion of colorful blossoms whose hues reflect in the vase’s many facets.

Go Big with a Bowl 

Bright pink flowers in a wide clear compote vase

A Holly Chapple compote vase gives you more room for lots of flowers and creativity.

When people think of vases, they often picture a decorative container that’s taller than it is wide and holds an upright bouquet. For a different silhouette, try a wide-mouthed vase or bowl instead. Fishbowl, compote, footed bowl, and urn vase designs set you up to create a full, lush-looking arrangement of big blooms and spilling greenery. The Holly Chapple collection specializes in beautiful, wide vases perfect for eye-catching centerpieces. Fill one of the Holly Chapple compote or urn vases with flowers and foliage for a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Create a Vignette with Multiple Bud Vases

Pink roses in three clear glass vases arranged together

A group of complementary bud vases arranged together makes for a fun and beautiful floral display. 

Not sure which vase to pick? Pick several! Use the rule of three and choose three bud vases to create a playful floral vignette. You can use three identical or complementary vases of the same size and material. Insert coordinating blooms for a cohesive look, and enjoy a stylish, whimsical arrangement.

Add Rustic Charm with a Ceramic or Stoneware Vase Design

A brightly colored flower bouquet in a white ceramic vase

If you're tired of cut glass vases, try something different with a lovely ceramic vase.

If you’re tired of the ubiquitous glass vase designs, try something more earthy, like ceramic or stoneware receptacles. You can find brightly painted ceramic and stoneware vases for a splash of color or use neutral colors for a rustic look that suits the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Ceramic and stoneware vases come in many sizes and shapes for all your floral projects. And there’s no need to worry about weight. Many "stoneware" pieces are actually light-weight resin textured and painted to look like stone.

Find Your Favorite Vase Designs At 46 & Spruce

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