Holly Chapple products featured in Martha Stewart Living!

Holly Chapple products featured in Martha Stewart Living!

Martha Stewart is the queen of inspiring us all to craft, create, and bring beauty to our everyday living spaces. So, imagine our delight when we discovered that our Holly Chapple products are featured in the May 2019 issue of Martha Stewart Living!

Holly Chapple Products

That’s right! These revolutionary and innovative floral mechanics, the Egg and Pillow, have captured the attention of the editors at Martha Stewart Living–and just in time as wedding season is right upon us. Those at Martha Stewart Living agree that these mechanics are indeed “Good Things” and can be used by everyone to create beautiful bouquets, gorgeous wedding centerpieces and even elevated everyday arrangements!

Lucky for us, 46 & Spruce is one of the only online stores that sells Holly Chapple products for consumer purchase. Get yours today to experience firsthand why Martha Stewart Living endorses these revolutionary floral products!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with these products, read on to learn more!


Holly Chapple Products

Holly Heider Chapple is an innovative and passionate florist that serves the Washington, DC wedding and event market. She grows her own flowers on Hope Flower Farm and uses them in her stunning wedding designs.

In 2017, Holly Chapple and Syndicate Sales partnered to create a product line that consists of game-changing floral mechanics. These tools enable floral designers and flower enthusiasts everywhere to create jaw-dropping bouquets and arrangements without the need for foam – the industry standard up until this point.

Holly Chapple’s products – the Egg and the Pillow – make designing faster, assembly easier, arrangements lighter, designs more mobile, and require less fresh product than ever before.

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Meet Holly Chapple


The Egg

Have you ever seen a bridal bouquet that takes your breath away? A bouquet whose blooms seem to each have their own space to shine? A bouquet whose stems seem to reach on forever in an airy dance of magical floral fancy? Well chances are that big, beautiful bouquet was made using an Egg.

Holly Chapple Egg

The Egg is a floral mechanic made of recyclable plastic that allows you to create bouquets faster, easier, and with using less fresh product. The double layer honeycomb construction provides support for woody stems, while at the same time protecting fragile flowers. Create any bouquet shape by simply varying the length and placement of your flower stems, making sure to lock the stems in place by feeding them through both layers of the grid.

The Egg is reusable, recyclable, and it’s even dishwasher safe if placed on the top rack! Watch this video to see how easy it is to create gorgeous bouquets using the Holly Chapple Egg mechanic.


The Pillow

Similar to the Egg, the Holly Chapple Pillow is an innovative tool that helps you create stunning floral arrangements and fabulous cascading centerpieces. This floral mechanic, available in several sizes, lets you design on a variety of vessels so you can quickly create gorgeous, airy arrangements using less stems than you would with similar mechanics, such as floral foam.

The Pillow’s double-layer construction locks flowers in place, stem-by-stem, to create more secure floral designs. You can pick them up off of the vase, change the water and then return the design to the container without losing the shape or stem placement of the original arrangement.

Best of all, the Pillow is reusable, recyclable, and it’s also dishwasher safe if placed on the top rack! So you can go outside every season, clip flowers from your garden, pick up a bouquet from your local grocery store or the farmer’s market, and use this product again and again to show off your growing and floral design skills.



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