How to Create a Lantern-Inspired, Boho Chic Tablescape with Derek

How to Create a Lantern-Inspired, Boho Chic Tablescape with Derek

One of the hottest trends in centerpieces and tablescaping right now is using lanterns. But not just ordinary lanterns, we're talking about any glass vessel you can find that can be filled and illuminated.

People who love to entertain are always looking for fresh ways to showcase candles and flowers, and also interesting ways to feature these items on their tables. I will show you all of the pieces needed to recreate this gorgeous, bohemian-chic tablescape, lanterns included!

The featured styling was created on a wood farm table, but can be re-created on any style of table that you have to work with. The macrame runner is a must-have item to bring in the classic, eclectic Bohemian look. The vessels used for vases and lanterns are an assortment of geometric hanging terrariums and prism vases from 46 & Spruce. Another element of decoration that I have included in some of the vessels is polished river pebbles. These bring in an additional earthen element that can help a stylized design feel more natural.

You will want to prep everything for your tablescape first, and then assemble it all on the table once the pieces are ready. Using a simple combination of greens and flowers like Tea Roses, Mini Calla Lilies, Dusty Miller, After Dark, Ranunculus, and Eucalyptus, I created some simple arrangements in the Prism vases. About two stems of each flower and one stem of each type of greenery in each vase is perfect for this size.

Derek Arranging garden roses in prism vase

Derek arranging garden roses in another prism vase

Derek cutting a ranunculus

To create the lanterns, pillar candles of various sizes are placed in the hanging geometric terrariums. Make sure to use appropriately sized candles in each vessel. The candles will need adequate air space to burn properly. Larger candles can be used in the completely open terrariums such as the cube, and the smaller candles can be used in the more enclosed terrariums, such as the teardrop.

Derek arranging river pebbles in geometric hanging terrariums

geometric hanging terrariums with pillar candles

My favorite touch on this tablescape is a faux-garland that serpentines the length of the table between the vessels. The best thing about creating a faux-garland is that you don't actually have to create a single, interwoven piece to get the “garland look”. The materials all just lay on the table and appear to intertwine. To make the "garland," I start the form with one type of greenery, then go back over it with the next layer of greenery, interlacing pieces as I go for more dimension. Repeat with the last greenery of your choice.

arranging the faux garland

Next, on top of the runner, set the mix of lanterns and flower arrangements on the table, staggering items by size and intermixing the arrangements so that they are placed evenly down the length of the table. Since there are fewer of the floral arrangements, you can space them out between the lanterns.

placing candles and geometric terrariums on table

To finish, add pops of flowers. These can be placed in water tubes and you can use the foliage to hide the little water vials, or you can wait until just before your guests arrive, and pop the flowers into place without a water source. Tea Roses work the best to be out of water long-term.

placing flower accents in faux garland

Viola! A few simple steps with the proper ingredients and you can create a lavish, lantern-inspired, bohemian tablescape. Whether it is for a wedding or a dinner party with friends, the lantern craze fits all occasions. By thinking outside the lantern-box with unlikely vessels, such as geometric hanging terrariums, you can create a new and exciting lantern-look to add to your next tablescape.

 bohemian tablescape


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