DIY Bouquet with Floral Grid

How to Create Swoon-worthy Bouquets with the DIY Floral Grid

You buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the grocery store with a vision in mind of a gorgeous arrangement for your kitchen table. You get home and place the flowers in a vase—and expectation vs. reality sets in. Your vision of a perfectly balanced, harmonized and lush arrangement is actually a sad, floppy mess of blooms; too bad you didn't have the DIY Floral Grid.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at flower arranging, then you know it isn’t as effortless as florists make it seem. Luckily, we have a secret weapon that can help you create professional-looking flower arrangements at home.

Purple Accent Bouquet with DIY Floral Grid

Introducing the DIY Floral Grid

Our DIY Floral Grid is a supportive grid structure that holds flowers in place while you arrange them, allowing you to easily and quickly create gorgeous floral arrangements. This tool is a game-changer when it comes to creating everyday arrangements for your home, or when you need to make something special for a gift, party, bridal/baby shower or event. With help from our floral grid, you could even DIY your wedding bouquets and arrangements to save yourself a ton of cash.

Intrigued? Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to create swoon-worthy arrangements and bouquets with our DIY Floral Grid.


How to use the DIY Floral Grid

  1. Gather your blooms

Snip them from your flower garden, buy them from a florist or grab a bouquet from the grocery store. Remember that it’s good to have a variety of flowers in different sizes and textures, plus greenery. For example, you could get a couple large and fluffy hydrangeas, a few roses, some filler wax flower and some leather-leaf fern greenery.

  1. Prepare your vase

Add water to your vase. If your flowers came with food, mix it in, following the instructions on the packet. Place the grid on top of your vase.

  1. Prepare your flowers

Be sure to trim at least an inch off the end of each stem. Cut at an angle to increase water intake. To ensure your flowers are in proportion with the height of your vase, remember that your tallest flower should be about 1½ or 2 times the height of your vase.

  1. Make your arrangement

Start arranging by placing the biggest flowers in the center of the grid. Next add similar-sized flowers in the corners of the grid. Angle the stems inward so they create a crisscross pattern in the water. Then, fill in the gaps with your filler flowers and greenery.

  1. Slide off the DIY Floral Grid

When you’re finished arranging your flowers, simply slide the grid away from the flowers, and voila, your professional-looking arrangement is complete!

  1. Optional: Turn into hand bouquet

At this point, you can leave your flowers in your vase for a decorative arrangement. However, if you’re creating a hand bouquet for a wedding, you can now gently lift the flowers out of the vase. Use green floral tape to secure the stems, and then cover the tape with a pretty ribbon secured with pearl-topped pins. Trim up the ends of the stems for an even, attractive appearance.

Start creating bouquets that impress with the DIY Floral Grid.

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