How to Decorate your Plant Amp for the Holidays

How to Decorate your Plant Amp for the Holidays

If you are as big a fan of the Plant Amp as I am, you are constantly looking for ways to come up with interesting, themed ways to keep it fun and fresh.

The holiday season is perfect for this as there are so many plant options and decorative items you can add to your Plant Amp. Just in case you aren't familiar, the Plant Amp is a gorgeous, hand-blown glass planter that doubles as a smartphone amplifier. Think of it as a speaker for your iPhone that you don't have to plug in. What makes this better than any other speaker is you can also adorn it with your favorite plant material! And since it's the holiday season, we're planting it merry and bright!

 Plant Amp

 The obvious place to start when decorating planters for the holidays is with plants! There are many holiday plants available in miniature sizes, which are perfect for the small planter compartments of the Plant Amp. Cypress, Juniper, and Frosty Ferns are some of the best small varieties that have a wintery-look. For my own planter, I chose the popular holiday Poinsettia and Norfolk Island Pine. These are both tropical/subtropical plants that we recognize mostly as holiday plants.

Poinsettia and Norfolk Pine

To get started planting, I gently remove the plants from their grow pots by giving them a little squeeze. Usually these small sized plants fit right into the Plant Amp planters as is, but if they are a little larger, you can gently remove some of the soil. Once you have inserted the plant material, tamp down firmly to remove any air pockets from the soil.

In addition to selecting the plant material, there are other items that can go into decorating a Plant Amp. Some of the most popular items used in terrariums and planters for decorating are mosses and lichens. For this plant project, I chose white Reindeer Moss. And no, not just for the name, although it is fun to have Reindeer Moss in the holiday-themed Plant Amps! The white moss will act as the “snowy” addition and can sit right on top of the soil.

 For a final touch, I decorated my Norfolk Pine like a teeny-tiny Christmas tree. There are all kinds of decorations available for this kind of fun, including battery operated LED lights, super small ornaments, and even little wrapped gifts to sit underneath. To decorate my Norfolk Pine, I found miniature candy canes from a local craft store. It is amazing what you can find when you are looking for holiday miniatures.

Now that you have a bit of inspiration, it's time to get your Plant Amp ready for the holidays!

Holiday Themed Plant Amp

Don’t have a Plant Amp?

Don’t worry! You can order one here and they also make great gifts! I hope you have an amped up holiday!


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