How To Get Cheap Wedding Supplies That Still Look Good

How To Get Cheap Wedding Supplies That Still Look Good

It’s no secret that wedding supply costs can add up fast. And the more you need, the bigger the bill. You can try to save money with cheap supplies, but they might not work or look how you need them to. So what do you do when the good stuff is out of your budget? Luckily, there are ways to find a happy medium. Here are two easy tips for getting beautiful, cheap wedding supplies for your next event.

Get Quality Wedding Supplies Cheap From A Trusted Wholesaler

Several aquapics and stems of yellow roses
Buying wholesale wedding supplies ensures you get large quantities of what you need and stay within budget.

Where you buy wedding supplies matters when it comes to saving money. Retailers always hike up prices to make a profit for themselves. When you need high-quality wedding supplies that fit your budget, turn to a wholesaler.

Wholesalers are where the retailers get their supplies, so you know their products are just as good as a store’s. However, wholesale wedding supplies are cheaper than retail. Wholesalers only sell in bulk, cutting down on some of their overhead costs, like packaging and shipping. This lets them pass on some of those savings to their customers. You can get the same florist supplies or trendy flower vases from a wholesaler as at your local retailer but without the retailer’s markup.

Wholesalers also charge less per item on bulk orders. When you buy from a retailer, they will charge you the same unit price whether you buy 10 or 100. With wholesale wedding supplies, the more you buy, the lower the unit price. This kind of deal is perfect for wedding industry professionals who need lots of wedding supplies for their events. You can get a large number of identical items without going over budget. Plus, wholesalers only sell in bulk, so you can order from one place and get everything you need instead of wasting time and money hunting around different retailers to fulfill a large order.

Spread Out The Cost With Reusable Wedding Supplies

A affordable hexagonal wedding arch covered in greenery

Reusable wedding supplies like arches give you more bang for your buck.

Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra on quality wedding supplies if you can reuse them. Supplies like wedding arches, vases, and flower arrangement mechanics can be used repeatedly to spread out the cost. When you do the math, you’ll find it’s often more cost- effective to spend more upfront on these long-lasting items and get more use out of them over time than to buy cheaper, flimsy versions that don’t last as long. Cheap wedding supplies are never worth it if they aren’t going to work well, but being smart about what you buy can save you money and stress in the long run.

Find Affordable Wholesale Wedding Supplies At 46 & Spruce

When you need bulk wedding supplies at affordable prices, 46 & Spruce is your go-to wholesaler. We carry the latest styles of centerpiece vases, florist supplies, and more. And when you sign up for a Professional account, you get access to bulk ordering and exclusive products to inspire beautiful decor. Contact us anytime to find the perfect supplies for your next event.

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