How To Make a Hanging Terrarium

How To Make a Hanging Terrarium

Hanging terrariums spice up any space - indoors or out!

Defy gravity and reality with an enchanted tiny universe, suspended in time and encased in glass. Whether you are hanging this magical piece in your home, apartment, or office, follow a few quick steps to help you make a hanging terrarium that captures the imagination and celebrates creativity.

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Terrarium Container

Choose a container that appeals to you, one that inspires your creativity and fits your space. Decide on the material, shape, and size before building your hanging terrarium and choose
a vessel that matches your style.

Potting Materials

Fill the base of your hanging terrarium with fun textures that add to the magical makeup of your tiny world. Soil, pebbles, then some moss will ensure proper water drainage. Get colorful and creative with glass beads, shells or driftwood for added interest and flair.


To complete the finishing touches of your unique and magical universe, pick succulents or small plants and pot them in the terrarium. Experiment with playful textures, bright colors, and plants that capture the imagination. Sprinkle in some whimsy with fun figurines and playful accessories.


Choose the perfect place in your home, apartment, or office and hang with a piece of twine for a fun, finished look.


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