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How To Make Ten Corsages In 30 Minutes!

Flower corsages may be small, but if you’re charged with making several of them, the task might feel overwhelming. Fortunately, it just takes a few simple tricks to complete them quickly. Whether you’re a professional florist or a DIYer looking to save money, the following method can help you make as many as ten corsages in just 30 minutes! 

Materials for Creating Beautiful, Easy Flower Corsages

Three finished flower corsages

Gather five simple supplies to make these gorgeous corsages!

Before beginning any floral project, you should gather your supplies. Having everything ready will save you lots of time. Keeping your corsages simple and elegant makes them quick, too. You need just a few things to make these easy flower corsages. 

> Corsage cuffs: Cuffs need no prep on your part and are stylish and adjustable for the wearer.

> Cold floral glue: Hot glue might sound faster, but it doesn’t hold as well. We’ll teach you how to use cold glue effectively.  

> Fresh greenery stems: Pick at least two types of greenery for each corsage. Don’t use anything too large that makes the corsage cumbersome to wear.

> Fresh flowers: Use two to three flower varieties in coordinating colors and textures. Like with greenery, consider size when choosing flowers. 

> Florist clippers: Use sharp clippers to trim stems to size quickly.

How to Make Corsages Fast

A florist putting glue on corsage pieces

Applying glue to each corsage piece ensures everything is secure.

Corsages are just one small part of a special event, but you still want them to look perfect. You also don’t want to make yourself crazy building several of them. Luckily, it’s faster to make all the corsages you need at once. You’ll have everything set out and can work in an assembly line style. To make the most of your time and get the project done efficiently, watch this video on making a professional corsage, or follow these steps for fast, easy flower corsages.  

  1. Lay everything out. Gather your supplies and lay them out in your workspace. Make a row of your cuffs and put the foliage and blossoms for each one beside them.
  3. Trim all of your stems. Pick up your clippers and trim down your greenery and flowers to fit on the corsages. Doing all of the cutting at once will save you time. 
  5. Apply glue. Glue is a bonding agent that works best when sticking to itself, so put it on both your cuffs and floral pieces. Cold glue also works best if it’s allowed to set for a few minutes before sticking things together. Apply glue to a cuff and then to the flowers and leaves. Move on to the next cuff. Repeat until every piece has glue. 
  7. Build your corsages. By the time you’ve applied glue to everything, the first cuff will be ready to work with. Arrange your floral pieces how you want and stick them to the glue on the cuff. Repeat with each corsage. 
  9. Let everything dry. This is the easiest part: let everything sit and finish drying! In the meantime, you can clean up and then sit back and relax, knowing you just accomplished ten corsages in just half an hour. 

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