A floral table centerpiece in a Holly Chapple Abelia compote bowl

How To Make Wedding Centerpieces Efficiently With The Holly Chapple Collection

Centerpieces are a staple of wedding floral arrangements. However, they can be time-consuming to make. Typically, you need one for every dining table and perhaps more for the head table, gift tables, and elsewhere around the venue. Luckily, florist influencers offer many tricks of the trade for how to make wedding centerpieces efficiently. Floral arrangement expert Holly Heider Chapple has designed florist tools specifically for creating gorgeous flower displays. Here’s how to use the Holly Heider Chapple collection to make wedding centerpieces easier. 

Choosing Tools and Materials for Your Wedding Centerpieces

five white urn style vases with Holly Chapple pillows in them

Before working on your wedding centerpieces, gather the supplies you need.

High-quality tools and supplies will make your wedding centerpieces quicker to put together. Holly Chapple products can help. They were inspired by florists and designed for ease of use. They give you excellent control over your arrangements to ensure you get the look you want.  

Ready to get started? Here’s your supply list for making beautiful but efficient wedding centerpieces.

  1. An Abby or Abelia Compote: These wide-mouth vases are perfect for creating full-looking centerpieces that don’t get won’t be too tall on dining tables. 
  3. Water: When using Holly Chapple products, you don’t need floral foam to hydrate blooms. 
  5. Holly Chapple Pillow: This reusable florist mechanic sits on top of your container’s opening and provides a framework to hold stems in place. 
  7. Florist wire: A little florist wire used on the more delicate flower stems can help stabilize fragile blooms in your arrangement.
  9. Greenery: Use 2-3 types of foliage.
  11. Flowers: Use at least five types of flowers with different shapes and coordinating colors. Choose at least two types of flowers for each color in your palette for a cohesive look.
  13. Florist clippers: Sharp clippers let you cut flowers to the proper lengths. 


    How to Make Wedding Centerpieces with the Holly Chapple Collection 

    A florist working on a floral centerpiece using a Holly Chapple Pillow

    Beautiful centerpieces begin with greenery inserted in a Holly Chapple Pillow.

    You have your supplies. Now it’s time to get to work! Watch this Holly Chapple PIllow demonstration video, or follow these steps for making gorgeous wedding centerpieces.

    1. Visualize the general shape you want for your centerpiece. 
    3. Fill your Abby, Abelia, Demi, or Dahlia compote with water. 
    5. Click the two pieces of the Pillow together and place the floral mechanic in the opening of your compote. 
    7. Insert greenery into the Pillow until it’s covered. Evenly disperse the stems to keep things balanced. Use wire to reinforce stems as you work if needed. 
    9. Add a few of one type of flower. Cut stems short so the flower heads rest on the Pillow and build a base layer.  
    11. Insert slightly taller stems of a second type of flower to begin building a second layer. Trim and arrange stems in the Pillow to start developing the shape you want. 
    13. Add more greenery at the height of the second layer of flowers. 
    15. Strategically trim and insert a few focal flowers in this same layer. 
    17. Fill in gaps with a fourth type of flower, cutting stems a little longer to create a third layer. 
    19. Trim the stems of a fifth kind of flower to fill gaps throughout the centerpiece and further develop your desired shape. 

    By now, you should have a lovely wedding centerpiece. The Holly Chapple Pillow helps hold everything in place while you work and saves time. You won’t have to soak and trim floral foam or cut and wrap wire around everything. And the more you practice this technique, the faster you’ll get at creating stunning centerpieces!

    Shop the Holly Chapple Collection at 46 & Spruce

    The right supplies make flower arranging a cinch. Shop the innovative Holly Chapple collection at 46 & Spruce today. You’ll find everything you need to create beautiful centerpieces. You can even sign up for a Professional account to get exclusive products and bulk pricing. Have questions? Contact us anytime to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. 

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