How to Spruce Up Your Terrarium for the Holidays

How to Spruce Up Your Terrarium for the Holidays

As we prepare for a season of holiday gatherings, we’re bringing the outdoors in with holiday terrariums inspired by the winter forest. Miniature terrarium landscapes featuring foraged twigs, pine cuttings, live plants and winter fairy garden accessories are perfect as a festive centerpiece or tree decoration. Best of all, they’re simple and fun to create. Read on to get the look.

Snowy Glass Cloche Scene

Snowy Glass Holiday Cloche

Create a miniature winter woods scene under the dome of our Glass Cloche terrarium, perfect for display on your dining table.


Glass cloche terrarium
Green moss
Snow flocking spray
Pine tree trimmings
Red berries
Hot glue gun
Hand pruners


Begin by spraying your moss with the snowy flocking spray. Spray a light coating for a “dusting” of snow, or layer it on for a winter wonderland look. Add the moss to the base of the glass cloche terrarium. You may need to work with the moss a little to get the right fit and look in your base.

Next, it’s time to start adding your accents. Use the pine trimmings to create “trees” in your scene. Add a light dusting of snow flocking spray to these, if desired. Use the hot glue gun to affix to the mound. Cut small “logs” from the twigs using the hand pruners. Bundle your small logs together using twine and glue next to the trees. For a pop of color, glues some small red berries around the base of your trees. Get creative with your winter forest accents: there’s no right or wrong way to style this gorgeous terrarium!

Wintry air plant ornament

Create a living ornament terrarium for your holiday tree—and then modify to keep on display all year long.


Teardrop Hanging Terrarium
White sand
Silver tillandsia air plant
Miniature winter fairy garden accessory
Small evergreen trimming


Begin by adding a layer of white sand to the base of your Teardrop Hanging Terrarium. Place the silver tillandsia air plant on the sand. Trim a small evergreen trimming to fit in alongside the air plant. Lastly, add your miniature winter fairy garden accessory, which can be found at your local craft or hobby store. It could be anything from a tiny snowman to a small deer. Consider spray painting it metallic silver to round out the wintry theme. When the holiday season ends, remove the evergreen and the winter fairy garden accessory. Keep you air plant on display in your home all year long.

Winter-inspired live plant terrarium

Winter Inspired Plant Terrarium

This living terrarium makes a wonderful holiday centerpiece—or gift for the plant lover in your life.


Weathered Oak Wide Planter
Hydro Stones
Soil Mix
Mix of red, green and white plants, such as rosemary, pine saplings and polka dot plant
Accessories, such as miniature pine cones, miniature ball ornaments and ribbon
Garden trowel


Add a layer of drainage hydrostone at the bottom of your terrarium, followed by a layer of potting mix. Plant your selection of red, green and white plants. Place taller plants, such as the rosemary and pine saplings, in the back to create a focal point. Fill in the front with shorter plants. Tuck in your accessories, like mini pine cones and/or mini ball ornaments, among the plants. For extra flair, add ribbon to the outside of the vessel.

Create a holiday terrarium look with these terrariums:

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