Terrarium Containers into Thanksgiving Centerpieces

How to Turn Terrarium Containers into Thanksgiving Centerpieces

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s time to start researching recipes, refining your guest list, planning your menu and gathering inspiration for your oh-so-important Turkey Day tablescape. A perfectly accoutered Thanksgiving table will set the scene for a gathering your guests will never forget!

modern terrarium tablescape

Here at 46 & Spruce, we reach for versatile terrarium containers to star as the centerpiece in our Thanksgiving tablescape. Simple and sleek glass terrarium containers are a workhorse décor piece that can be updated for any occasion, any time—including Thanksgiving! To help spark your creativity, here are two of our favorite ways to turn terrarium containers into modern-yet-elegant Thanksgiving centerpieces.

modern terrarium tablescape for thanksgiving

Updated cornucopia

Sure, you could pick up a flower and fruit-filled cornucopia from your grocer or florist. But if you’re looking for a sleek, modern take on this traditional Thanksgiving decoration, look no further than terrarium containers.

To create a Thanksgiving terrarium cornucopia, choose a terrarium container that loosely resembles the goat’s horn shape of a traditional cornucopia, such as our Pyramid Geometric Hanging Terrarium. Begin dressing your table with a tablecloth and a table runner, and then place your pyramid terrarium container on its side so that the terrarium opening is on top. Position the terrarium slightly off-center so it ends up appearing centered when you add your cornucopia fillings.

Now it’s time for the fun part: filling your cornucopia! The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance, so more is more. Because you’re going for a modern take on the traditional centerpiece, skip the usual earthy colors of Thanksgiving in lieu of a modern color palate of blush pink, black and white.

Using blush pink roses, small white gourds and nuts spray-painted black, fill your terrarium container and then allow your cornucopia fillings to cascade out of the terrarium and down the center of the table.

Nestle tea light candles throughout the centerpiece for extra ambiance. Then set the table with white dishes, blush pink linen napkins and gold cutlery.

On-trend dusty blue-green cloche

terrarium cloche centerpiece for thanksgiving

When it comes to pumpkins this year, dusty blues and greens are the new orange, and terrarium containers are the perfect way to elegantly display cool-hued gourds.

To create a Thanksgiving centerpiece highlighting this trend, begin with a crisp white tablecloth followed by a taupe linen table runner. Place a large glass cloche terrarium in the center of the table and fill the base of the terrarium with a dry moss. Place a couple small slate blue and sage green gourds on top of the moss.

Next, fill in around the gourds with some edible additions, such as kale leaves and sprigs of fresh sage and rosemary. Once you’re finished arranging the gourds and greens, place the lid on the cloche.

Fill in around the centerpiece with stems of eucalyptus and elegant taper candles in silver candlesticks. Then set the table with elegant white dishes, white linen napkins, silverware and cut crystal stemware.

We hope these ideas help inspire your Thanksgiving Day tablescape! If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out these vase ideas for fall.

thanksgiving terrarium centerpiece

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