How To Use Outdoor Planters On A Patio Or Porch

How To Use Outdoor Planters On A Patio Or Porch

Decorating your porch, patio, or deck with live plants is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. But before you run to the nursery for your favorite plants, make sure you have the right container to put them in. Planters come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. You’ll want to choose planters that suit your home and plants. Here are some ideas for using outdoor planters that look attractive and provide a good home for plants.

Circular Planters Help You Create Lots Of Different Looks

Several round planters leading up your porch steps creates a welcoming floral display.

Several round planters leading up your porch steps creates a welcoming floral display.

Circular planters come in all styles, sizes, and materials to help you create a look you love. You’ll find wide ceramic pots for planting small trees, petite glass succulent flights for your patio table, and everything in between. Round planters can contrast nicely with the straight lines of square porches and decks or match the flowing angles of a curved patio. You can put two matching circular urns on each side of an entryway, create a privacy screen of topiaries in a row of planters, or create a focal point on your patio with one large planter.

Round planters effortlessly show off your plants. Put in a single stunning plant or create a beautiful display of different plants with various colors, shapes, and textures. Show off succulents and cacti in a wide bowl or highlight an exotic plant species in a tall pot. The possibilities are endless!

Rectangular Planters Serve Several Purposes

Small wood planter with two plants in it on a window

 Big or small, rectangular planters give you a place to plant a row of lovely plants.

Rectangular planters also come in many styles, sizes, and materials. Because they tend to be long and narrow, they’re perfect for planting several plants. You can use plants of the same type for a sleek, monochromatic look or combine different species for a profusion of color and texture. Insect-repelling plants in long rectangular planters can help keep pests away from your outdoor living area.

You can also use rectangular outdoor planter boxes to create attractive and functional barriers on the edge of your porch or patio. Place one or two planters anywhere you don’t want people to step off. Outdoor planter boxes also make excellent containers for patio herb and vegetable gardens.

Quirky Planters Give Your Outdoor Space Personality

a white planter that looks like a hand making the peace sign with a small plant in it

A unique planter adds fun vibes to any outdoor living space.

Some planters don’t have a geometrical shape. These quirky planters come in lots of fun styles to give your porch or deck more character. Shop around for plant containers, and you’ll see everything from ceramic body parts and animals to abstract shapes. A large painted pot can add color to your outdoor space, and small table planters make outdoor seating areas more inviting.

Upcycled planters are popular too. An old watering can, large basket, or wood crate can be fashioned into whimsical outdoor planters. And don’t forget about vertical planting. A trellis in a large planter gives you more room for growing, and hanging planters are a trendy accent for decorating a porch, pergola, or patio shade.

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