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Introducing: Good to Grow Spruce Box

We’re thrilled to introduce our Good to Grow Spruce Box—a curated kit that’s sure to strike the fancy of any plant-obsessed person. Whether you’re ready to flex your own green thumb—or you have a giftee on your holiday list who loves plant babies—this kit is perfect for breathing new life into a space. Some of the pieces in the box are by 46 & Spruce, while others are hand-selected items from U.S.-based makers.

good to grow kit

Meet the makers

Spring Meadow Co.

Amy Grace of Spring Meadow Co. creates home décor in Waterloo, Canada, to help people make inviting spaces and connect and share life together.


Founded in 2009 by Luke Wright, MudLOVE sells items that are handmade in Warsaw, Indiana, to help support clean water projects in Africa.

The Succulent Source

Based in sunny So-Cal, The Succulent Source is a family-owned and operated one-stop succulent shop for weddings and events.


What’s in the box?

wild and free decor

The Good to Grow Spruce Box contains everything you need to grow the included live succulents and express your penchant for plants.

  • Terrarium Tool Kit by 46 & Spruce—A collection of gardening tools that are the perfect size for tending to your indoor garden in style
  • Wild & Free Wooden Pennant by Spring Meadow Co.—A laser-cut wood banner featuring the mantra, “Wild & Free,” hung by a brown suede cord
  • One 4” Rosette Succulent (assorted styles) by The Succulent Source—A rooted and established, beautiful and unique rosette-shaped succulent
  • One Ornamental Glow Cactus (assorted colors) by The Succulent Source—A prickly and pokey, beautiful cactus featuring a display of orange, red, pink or yellow
  • HydroStones by 46 & Spruce—100% recycled, 100% American-made stones that deliver proper air and water balance for optimal growing conditions
  • Soil by 46 & Spruce—A 100% all-natural soil mix, perfect for cultivating your indoor plants
  • Custom Ceramic Planter by MudLOVE—A stylish ceramic planter with the inspirational phrase, “let good things grow”
  • Round Hanging Terrarium by 46 & Spruce—A sleek, sculptural orb, taking terrarium gardening to new heights
  • Wire Terrarium Stand by 46 & Spruce—Perfect for stylishly displaying your Round Hanging Terrarium

good to grow mudlove mug and terrarium tools

Styling tips

Although the items in your Good to Grow Spruce Box can be displayed any way you like, we especially love using the kit to up your shelfie game. Here are some shelf-styling tips to help get you started:

  • The included terrarium tools are not only practical—but also decorative! After utilizing the terrarium tools for planting your rosette succulent and ornamental glow cactus in the MudLOVE ceramic planter and round hanging terrarium, bundle the tools together with twine and put on display next to one of your new plants.
  • Add depth and detail to your shelf styling by hanging the wood pennant sign on the front edge of your shelf.
  • Display books on your shelf grouped by colors. If your mix of books don’t have display-worthy spines, flip them around to allow your décor to pop off the clean, neutral pages.

Ready to start growing? Shop the kit here: https://www.46spruce.com/collections/gardening-gifts/products/good-to-grow-spruce-box 

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