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Introducing: The You Rock Spruce Box

Is your workspace bland and drab? All work and no style makes your desk a dull place!

In fact, research shows you’re 25% more productive when you personalize your workspace than if you work in a sterile workspace. And plants in your work environment make you more productive, happier and less stressed.

If you’re ready to boost your productivity and lower your stress level, then check out our newest Spruce Box! With the You Rock Spruce Box, bringing new life to your workspace is easy! This kit contains everything you need to add drama to your desktop décor. Some of the pieces in the You Rock Spruce Box are from 46 & Spruce, while others are hand-picked items from U.S.-based makers.

you rock plant amp kit 

Meet the makers

Prismatic Gardens

Prismatic Gardens carefully handcraft distinctive terrariums and pieces of botanical art in their upstate New York studio.

Air Plant Supply Co.

Air Plant Supply Co. is based out of St. Augustine Florida, and they offer a variety of air plants, specialty air plant containers, terrariums and sea life accents for your home or office.

 You rock office decor

What’s in the box?

  • Plant Amp by 46 & Spruce—A sleek, handblown glass planter that doubles as a smartphone amplifier
  • Geode Air Plant Holder by Prismatic Garden—A stylish quartz geode with a gold-foil accent and carved to hold an air plant
  • Air Plants by Airplant Supply Co.—Three low-maintenance air plants to display in your Plant Amp and Geode Air Plant Holder
  • Gold Binder Clips—Form meets function with these chic clips, perfect for organizing papers or displaying décor
  • 'You Rock' Print by 46 & Spruce—A stylish marbleized design is the backdrop for a gold foil motivating mantra, sure to boost your productivity
  • Plant Mister—Pretty enough to display in your work space and also perfect for misting your new air plants

Workspace styling tips

A well-decorated workspace will help you feel inspired, productive and powerful, and will enhance your creativity, discipline and success. Before unboxing your You Rock Spruce Box in your space, we recommend first decluttering and organizing your space. This will help you with mental clarity and focus.

Once your space is clutter-free, it’s time to start to start decorating with items from the You Rock Spruce Box, which will help keep you inspired, creative and productive. Here are some tips to help you incorporate the kit into your office.

'You Rock' Print + Binder Clips

Our gold Binder Clips take on a new function by acting as a minimal stand for your 'You Rock' Print. Simply attach the clips to the bottom of the print and position the arms so they act as legs for your print.

Plant Amp + Air Plants + Phone

Place an air plant in each side planter and then use the center smartphone port to hold your phone. Turn on some classical tunes, which are known for boosting your mood and increasing your productivity!

Geode Air Plant Holder + Air Plant

Place this duo on your desk in your line of sight. Geodes are known to hold a special energy that can lower stress and aid in decision-making.

Plant Mister

Our Plant Mister not only looks great sitting on your desk—it’s also a practical item for caring for your new air plants. You should soak your air plants in water for 20-30 minutes once a week. In between waterings, mist them to help them stay hydrated.

Ready to update your workspace? Check out our You Rock Spruce Box here:

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