A clear vase with green and peach flowers arranged in it

Masculine Flower Arrangements: Choosing Flowers For Men

When you think of gifting flowers to someone, you probably think of giving them to women. But many men like flowers too! Flowers are a heartfelt gift for anyone you care about and can express love, congratulations, sympathy, and more. Here’s when to send men flowers, what types of flowers to give men, and how to choose a suitable container for masculine flower arrangements.

When Is It Appropriate To Give Men Flowers?

Three clear vases with succulents on our wooden succulent flight tray

A flight of trendy succulents makes for a thoughtful gift for a man, no matter the occasion. 

You can give men flowers for any occasion that you would give them to a woman. They are a mainstay at celebrations, doubling as a gift and decor. These include:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Anniversaries
  • Personal success celebrations
  • Retirement

Flowers also express many different sentiments, from affection to concern. People may send flowers to express:

  • Love
  • Romantic interest
  • Thinking of you
  • Sympathy
  • Get well soon
  • Appreciation
  • Congratulations
  • Apologies 
  • Good luck 

Whatever the reason for sending the flowers, many men will see a masculine-looking flower arrangement as a thoughtful gift. 

What Types Of Flowers Do Men Like?

A purple and green flower arrangement in a round glass vase

Bold colors and interesting foliage are on-trend for masculine flower arrangements.

Every gentleman who likes flowers has his own tastes that loved ones should consider when buying him a floral arrangement. Otherwise, they can follow the trends we see for sending men subtly elegant and simple arrangements. When arranging flowers for men, try a single stunning flower with some greenery or a monochromatic arrangement instead of more whimsical mixed bouquets. Avoid frilly blooms and look for flowers with a streamlined, symmetrical shape. Arrangements can be created using interesting-looking foliage and plants. 

A few types of flowers that work well in masculine flower arrangements include:

  • Anthuriums
  • Birds of paradise
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Craspedia
  • Gerberas
  • Hydrangeas 
  • Orchids
  • Peace lilies
  • Roses
  • Scabiosa pods
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips

Consider colors when arranging flowers for men. To appeal to all tastes, offer arrangements in many different color palettes. Branch out from the pinks and purples and use blue, green, white, orange, or red flowers. Experiment with bold, bright colors or earthy hues. If you aren’t sure about your color palette, balance the flower colors with plenty of green plants and leaves.

What Containers Work Best For Masculine Flower Arrangements?

White flowers and greenery in a modern white vase

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist, neutral-colored container for masculine flower arrangements. 

Like the flowers, what you put them in should be simple but attractive for masculine flower arrangements. Instead of a delicate, ornate vase, try something more solid, like a contemporary square planter or geometric terrarium. If you do use a vase, pick something sleek and minimalist. Neutral colors work with any flower arrangement. Consider a striking black-painted vase or a blue glass vase. For custom arrangements, you can get creative and up-cycle something from the recipient’s hobbies to use as a container. You could put flowers in a tackle box for a fisherman or a whiskey bottle for a whiskey lover. 

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