Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Table Decorations

Our Top 5 Favorite Wedding Table Decorations

If you’re tying the knot in the near future, you’re probably in the process of making some big decisions about your big day—from dresses to stationery, cake flavors and music. When it comes to your reception, one of the most important decisions is choosing your wedding table decorations because they’ll help set the tone and ambiance of your reception. In need of some inspiration? Here are our top five favorite wedding table decorations:

wedding table decor

  1. Elegant greenery and candles

Table decorations don’t have to be expensive. When you simply use greenery and candles, you automatically achieve a wallet-friendly—yet elevated—look. For the greenery, consider using eucalyptus or leatherleaf fern. Place the candles in our Teardrop Geometric Hanging Terrarium and nestle them into the greenery. If your reception has round tables, form a circular shape with the greenery and candles in the center of the table. If your tables are rectangular, create a long garland down the length of the table.

wedding table decoration with terrariums

  1. Chic hurricane vase and floral wreath

If you want to make a big statement with flowers, consider a floral wreath surrounding a candle-filled hurricane vase. To make this centerpiece, use a floral foam wreath to arrange your choice of flowers and greenery. For a really full and fluffy floral look, consider a mix of white roses with hydrangea. Once your wreath is complete, place our Recycled Glass Cylinder Vase in the center of the wreath and put a lighted candle in the vase. With its round shape, this classic centerpiece is best suited for round tables.

  1. Trendy air plants in geometric terrariums

If you’re going for a trendy vibe, we recommend using air plants for your wedding table decorations. For this centerpiece, begin with linen table runners. Put air plants in our Cube Geometric Hanging Terrarium, and cluster them in groups of three on the tables. As a final touch, add tea light candles in small votives around the air plants.

wedding table decor cube terrarium

terrariums in wedding table decorations

  1. Rustic succulents in flower planters

If you’re going for a rustic, bohemian theme, then succulent wedding table decorations are for you. To create this centerpiece, use floral foam and our Urban Earth Round Rectangle Planter. Arrange a mix of succulents, flowers and greens—such as rosette succulents, roses, dahlias and seeded eucalyptus. Set your planters on burlap table runners and surround with white votives for extra ambiance.

  1. Romantic flowers in terrariums

Don’t think that flowers have to be arranged in water or floral foam. Since they only have to last for a few hours, a really simple-yet-romantic idea is to simply place flower heads in terrariums. To create these wedding table decorations, simply cut the stems off the flower heads just below where the stem meets the head. Roses would be great for this centerpiece. Place one flower head in each small terrarium along with a piece of greenery, like eucalyptus, and some dainty filler, like wax flower. Cluster the flower-filled terrariums on your tables in groups of three surrounded by tea light candles.

flowers wedding table decoration

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