Stunning bridal bouquet created with the Holly Chapple Egg

Why You Need the Holly Chapple Egg for Your Bouquets

Preparing flowers for weddings can sometimes get overwhelming due to tight deadlines, demanding customers, and last-minute requests. But what if you could save time and money on those all-important bridal flowers? You can do so with the innovative Holly Chapple Egg. This effective, easy-to-use mechanic allows you to design stunning handheld bouquets more efficiently. Learn more about the Egg and get a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Create Gorgeous Bouquets with Fewer Flowers

Holly Chapple Egg surrounded by fresh flowers

The lightweight, reusable Holly Chapple Egg helps you create stunning bouquets with fewer flowers.

Whether you are a studio florist, retail shop, or amateur designer, the Holly Chapple Egg can help you create stunning handheld bouquets. This unique mechanic holds stems in place at the exact angles you want, resulting in gorgeous designs with height, width, and dramatic cascading effects. It’s a wonderful alternative to more time-consuming methods involving chicken wire or floral netting. Here are a few more reasons to try this must-have florist tool:

  • With more control over placement, you can create natural, airy, freeform bouquets using fewer flowers.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to hold while you place stems.
  • You can replace and reposition stems easily. 
  • It’s available in 4” and 6” sizes, perfect for bridesmaid and bridal bouquets.
  • Stems won’t change position when you tape or tie them together.
  • It’s safer to use than chicken wire, helping prevent flower damage.
  • It’s reusable and recyclable, saving you money over time.

How To Use the Holly Chapple Egg

Hand holding first piece of greenery placed into the Holly Chapple Egg mechanic

Locking flowers and greenery in place for a beautiful bouquet is easy using the Holly Chapple Egg.

The Holly Chapple Egg is simple to use. You’ll likely develop your own technique as you go, but here are some tips to get you started. With some practice, you can create breathtaking bridal bouquets in no time.

  • Hold the Holly Chapple Egg in your non-dominant hand.
  • Start by angling the greenery of your choice into the egg. Don’t worry about filling it. You can play around with the look and how open you want it. Try using five pieces of each type of greenery. Hold them in place with your fingers and thumb.
  • Decide on the stems you want to use for a cascading effect and place them in front.
  • Place your larger, linear flowers to help create the shape of your bouquet.
  • Move on to your focal flowers and use a variety of depths and placements.
  • Place any additional detail flowers you want.
  • Use a waterproof, half-inch tape to secure the stems together.
  • Check around the bouquet to see if any of the Egg is showing. Chances are you’ll see very little, if any. If you do, add a bit more greenery. This will help support the stems as well.
  • Trim the stem ends, and you’re done! You can also trim at any time during the process to keep your bouquet more manageable.

The Holly Chapple Egg will make your life easier, saving precious time when crafting bouquets and other arrangements for weddings and special occasions. You’ll appreciate the efficiency and the cost savings by using fewer flowers. Most importantly, your bouquets will look beautiful and professional despite how easily they come together with the Holly Chapple Egg! 

You Can Only Order the Holly Chapple Egg from 46 & Spruce

Improve how you create handheld bouquets with the Holly Chapple Egg from 46 & Spruce. Order today, and check out all the Holly Chapple products we have available. We’re here to help you make every event a great success. Ask about starting a Professional Account and get access to exclusive products and bulk discounts, or contact us anytime with questions about our selection of florist supplies.
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