A purple flowering plant in a stone-bottomed glass terrarium

Where To Buy Terrarium Containers For Live Plants

Terrariums continue to delight plant lovers and home decor enthusiasts alike. While many people choose terrariums with low-maintenance faux plants, nothing beats the beauty and charm of a live terrarium. Stylish containers only add to the appeal. However, finding enough suitable terrarium containers can be challenging due to the high demand. Knowing what kind of containers are ideal for live plants and where to buy terrarium containers will help you make all the terrariums you want. 

What Kind of Terrarium Container to Use for Live Plants

Plants in a terrarium with soil, rocks, and some terrarium care tools

Terrarium containers for live plants should look stylish and provide a good growing environment.

Before you shop for terrarium containers, you need to know what you’re looking for. You can use many kinds of containers for a live terrarium as long as they meet a few requirements: 

  • Enough space for the desired plants to take root and breathe, noting approximately one-third of the terrarium should be open space
  • A wide base for proper drainage
  • Enough height to hold layers of rocks and soil for the plants to grow
  • A wide opening to make planting easier 
  • A transparent material to see the plants

Where to Buy Terrarium Containers

Terrarium containers for live plants should look stylish and provide a good growing environment.

You’ll find gorgeous terrarium containers at great prices when you buy from online wholesalers.

Once you know what kind of terrarium containers to look for, the next question is where to buy them. You’ll find terrarium supplies in many places thanks to their popularity. However, if you sell terrariums or are making several for a special event, you’ll need to find a source for bulk buying. If you don’t plan on making a lot, you have more options for buying. 

Shop Online Wholesalers for Bulk Discounts

When you need a large number of terrarium containers, an online wholesaler can help. Wholesalers sell quality products in bulk amounts. You’ll find the same products as what retailers sell or comparable alternatives but in larger quantities than retailers stock. 

Wholesalers usually offer discount pricing on bulk orders, too. The more you buy, the higher the discount. Ultimately, each terrarium container costs less per unit than if you purchased from a retailer. A wholesaler may also offer special programs for professionals who need a constant supply of goods

Nurseries are Your One-stop-shop for Terrariums 

Nurseries specialize in plants, so you can count on them to sell suitable terrarium containers. Some nurseries even have build-your-own terrarium bars with everything you need to create a custom terrarium. They’re a good option if you don’t plan to make a lot of terrariums and want to buy all your supplies in one place. 

Craft Stores Carry Lots of Terrarium Container Options

Craft stores carry a wide variety of containers for crafting and home decor needs. You’re sure to find an attractive terrarium container at your local craft store. However, they’ll have a limited number of your favorite containers and will charge you full price for each one. If you need several identical containers, you might not find enough or stay within budget. 

Buy Bulk and Individual Terrarium Containers at 46 & Spruce

Whether you need to order dozens of terrarium containers or one, 46 & Spruce has you covered. Our trendy terrarium containers and other supplies help you create beautiful plant environments. We have bulk ordering options and an attentive customer service team to help you learn more about our offerings. Contact us any time you have a question or concern. 

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