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Strike a modern vibe with our selection of trendy planter boxes. Featuring vintage, modern, natural, and classic styles, our collection of planter boxes is versatile and multifaceted.

Looking for something durable that still makes an impeccable home décor design statement? Our planter boxes are leak-proof and made from naturally strong materials, yet are crafted with the latest design trends in mind. A suitable vessel for indoor and outdoor use, the vintage, stone, and modern planter boxes are great additions to patios, living rooms, and outdoor living spaces. With a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and heights, you will find the perfect décor piece for your home or event.

Perfect for outdoor events, our wholesale planters are the perfect place to put plant life on display. Place boxes in windowsills, on your patio, or display them anywhere in an outdoor space. Add some color to the exterior of your home or add some warmth to your living space with planter boxes filled with fresh vegetation. Box-shaped planters add a chic, modern touch to your space. Our planter boxes are as much a statement décor piece as they are a functional planter.

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Browse our stylish selection of planters for indoor and outdoor spaces today. Take your home’s décor style to a whole new level of chic with vintage, mod, or classic planter boxes offered in wholesale quantities. No matter your décor style, 46 & Spruce has what you need to start planting.